Epilation diode lasers

Diode epilation lasers are one of the most effective types of devices for removing unwanted hair. With its wavelength of 808 nm they are considered the gold standard in laser hair removal. Thanks to its' results the diode lasers have become one of the basic devices with witch every aesthetic medical practice is equipped.

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Hair removal

O technologii

Laser hair removal in principle means that  the laser beam is absorbed by the pigment of the hair follicle. At this point the laser energy is converted to heat and destroys the hair shaft (or 'bulb'). The only hair that is definitely destroyed is the one currently in the growth phase. This could be about 20-40% of hair. Consequently, the laser hair removal must be repeated several times. The number of treatments depends on the individual. Wavelength 808 nm diode laser provides a deeper penetration of thermal energy than the IPL and E-light devices. The uniqueness of diode lasers is, however, in their short pulse, which can handle higher energies for better targeting while not damaging the tissue at all. The procedure of hair removal, also known as the SHR (speed hair removal) is up to 3x faster than conventional IPL and E-light technology.


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